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Cookies and their benefits

Cookies are small text files stored on your device (such as a computer, mobile phone, tablet) in your browser when you browse the web. They are widely used to make websites work better or more efficiently.

Our cookies help us:

Ensure that the site works as it should;
Make sure you do not have to log in every time you visit the site;
save your settings during and between visits;
improve website speed / security;
give you the opportunity to share pages on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn;
Ensure that you can customize your site to your needs so you can quickly find what you are looking for;
Continuously refine your site to make it even more appealing to you;
to create more effective marketing.
More about our cookies

Types of used cookies:

We use two types of cookies, called "session" cookies and "long-term" cookies. This may be cookies used by us and / or third parties.

Session cookie

The Session Cookie is used every time you visit our site. We use this type of cookie to associate your actions on our site, and each session cookie is valid only during the browsing session, after which they are deleted. Each browsing session begins when the browser window opens and ends when the browser window closes. After visiting our site, all session cookies are deleted.

Long-term cookies

Using long-term cookies saves your settings or actions on the site (or on different sites). These cookies are valid for longer than session cookies. Their duration is specified in cookies (and may differ from one cookie to another). This type of cookie is not deleted when the browser window is closed; they are stored on your device. They are activated each time you visit a website that has created a specific long-term cookie.

Cookie categories:

To better understand what cookies are, we break it down into the following categories:

(a) strictly binding cookies
These cookies on the site are necessary for the user to browse and use the features of the site, for example, to memorize the information entered in the forms when the user moves from one page to another during the browsing session. Without strictly mandatory cookies, it would not be possible to provide certain website services, and the site would not work as smoothly as it should. These cookies do not collect any information for marketing purposes and do not know where you've been online.

(b) analytical cookies
Analytical cookies collect information about the use of the site and help improve the functioning of the site. For example, analytical cookies can show which pages are visited most often, help to record mistakes in the site and show the effectiveness of the site's display. Analytical cookies do not collect personal information from users, and all the information collected by these cookies is aggregated and anonymous.

(c) functional cookies
Functional cookies allow the site to remember your choices and provide improved and more customized features. Functional cookies also remember the changes you made, such as the individualization of a particular web page, as well as in other cases, such as when you watch a video or leave a comment on our webpage. Functional cookies do not track your actions on other sites.

(d) Target or promotional cookies
Target or promotional cookies are used to show you a more relevant and relevant ad, or to limit the number of impressions on the same ad on your site. This type of cookie is also used to measure the effectiveness of a campaign. These cookies can be used to memorize what you watched while visiting your website.
What cookies do we use on our site

Cookie Category Cookie Name Purpose Validity
Slapuko kategorija Slapuko pavadinimas Tikslas Galiojimas
Mandatory PrestaShop-* To idenfity the visitors session  Until the end of a session
Mandatory cookieBar Show or hide cookie information popup Longterm
Mandatory popuppromo_1 Show or hide partnership popup  Longterm


Third party features

Third-party advertisers and other organizations may use their own cookies or other technology to collect information about the content of our site and / or the ad you clicked on. They may use this information to display an ad that they think may be of interest to you, depending on the content you have viewed. Third-party advertisers may also use this information to evaluate the effectiveness of their advertising.

We do not have access and we can not control cookies that are used by third parties on our site, and their use of cookies is governed by their privacy policies. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of all third parties.

What third-party cookies are used on our site:

Google cookies _, _gat, _gid, ads / ga-audiences
• Google Webmaster is an analytical cookie that helps you understand whether there is no mistake in the site and helps you to understand more about the relevance of our site.
• Google Analytics is an analytical cookie that helps you understand the habits of your website, and which information is most relevant to your site's visitors.
• Learn more about what data Google cookies can be found here >>

Zopim chat cookies
• For more information on what data can be collected for Zopim cookies, see here >>

Cloudflare cookies
• Learn more about what data Cloudflare cookies can be found here >>

How to manage cookies
Strictly binding cookies and analytical cookies are a prerequisite for using our site. If you opt out of these types of cookies, we can not predict how our site will work when you visit it.